Online Marketing: Diving Deep Into What Makes Google Tick

We have all been there. Everyday, we do countless google-searches in an attempt to find the exact information we are looking for. It is simply amazing that we have the ability to find anything that we are looking for, at any time, in any place. If you were being kept prisoner in someone’s basement, chances are you could even find your way out given that you have some sort of access to the internet. However, while this is a very far-fetched scenario, it is entirely true. The ways out of bad situations are a quick google-search away. So, to elaborate, we all know that information is readily available and that finding what we need is pretty simple. But, how can we make it easier for people to find us? The answer comes from several months, weeks, and even years of research. Let me lay the foundation for you. Google, as well as other major search engines, sorts every bit of information into sub-categories. Then, they use various factors to determine what comes up when you are searching for something specific. The factors include: keywords, site-security, affiliate links, page load time, and mobile-friendliness. While all of this may come in a blur, and you might be asking yourself what some of those words mean, but rest assured that you are here to find out. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a challenge that almost all businesses are facing currently. The difference between online businesses that fail, and online businesses that are highly-successful is simply determined based on who ignores SEO and who faces it head-first. That being said, here are some tips that we have learned through trial-and-error.

1: Make sure your website is user-friendly. Don’t make your products hard to find by hiding them in several sub-menus. While you may think that the longer a customer is on your page, the better; this is not the case. If people don’t find exactly what they are looking for in a timely manner, they WILL move on to the next merchant.

2: DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT overload your page with keywords that you have found to be associated with your business in Google Search. Google has hired human monitors for such activity, and it can actually harm you more than it helps you.

3: Make sure your site has an SSL Certificate. With the newest versions of Chrome, the browser informs the user if their personal information is safe or not. Doing this will also give you a higher ranking with Google, as they do not want to display your website in the first page, if they think that it will cause anyone to be involved in a security risk.

4: Optimize your website to be mobile-friendly. Today, most people do not get on a computer to find what they are looking for- Therefore, make sure your site is readily-available to those that are mobile-savvy.

5: The last and final piece of advise I have for you is to OPTIMIZE YOUR PAGE LOAD TIME!! This may be the most important of them all. Consider this: if you are in a hurry to find the best possible product, you won’t be wasting your time on a page that takes longer than 15 seconds to load. Ramp it up, or ship them out. The main focus today is speed and availability. Without those two key-factors, your online business is sure to take a hurting.

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