The Brands That Make The Baskets

Here at Tyler’s Gift Baskets, we understand the value of buying products that have an amazing story. In order to do so, we hand-pick the specialty products that are included in our baskets. It is with earnest that we choose locally-sourced products to truly capture the essence of the hometown nostalgia that everyone knows and loves.
One of our most valued merchants is Dillon’s Candy Company; based in the quaint city of Boston, Georgia. They have been in business since 1918, when George Dillon started the business in the backroom of a grocery store in Brunswick, Georgia. Since then, they maintain the original methods of production, keeping the originality of the product close to heart. Their candies are hand-stirred and cooked in open kettles; brittles are hand-stretched, and their nut rolls are hand-worked; utilizing quality pecans, cashews, and peanuts. We would like to thank Dillon’s for years of supplying us with premium candies!
Another one of our merchants that found it’s roots in the state of Georgia is Byrd’s Cookies. Benjamin Tillman “Pop” Byrd founded the company in Savannah nearly a hundred years ago in 1924. He would travel to and from the markets in his model-T Ford in order to obtain the thoughtfully composed ingredients used in his cookies. His delightful product soon became popular within the community, and has now grown into an operation that produces over a billion cookies per year. With the company being passed down for four generations, the current CEO is Ben Sr’s great-granddaughter, Stephanie Curl Lindley. With all of the great minds within this family-operated business, they now ship their products all over the world. If you’ve taken a trip with Delta or United Airlines, you’ve probably tasted their delicious Maple Wafers and Almond Shortbread Cookies. Thank you for an amazing product, Byrd’s!
The San Saba River Pecan Company provides us with exquisite pies, preservatives, and popcorns. They are based in central Texas, nestled along the San Saba River. Their Amaretto Preservatives took first prize in the Fancy Food Show in New York! The home-made taste of their products keeps us and hundreds of others coming back for more! A big thanks to San Saba River Pecan Co!
One of our favorite chocolate bars, Jcoco, was founded by Jean Thompson in 2012. The chocolate bar was remastered with adventurous flavor combinations that were never-before-seen. Colaborations with culinary innovators set the stage for the Jcoco Cocolate Bar. Through years of experience and inspiration, she set out to make a difference in the world. The company partners with food banks in Washington, New York, and California to provide freshly served meals to their neighbors. Way to go Jean! Thank you for your delicious Chocolate bars!

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