The Africa Healing Exchange

While cruising through the AmericasMart temporary booths, we had the pleasure of stumbling across Tima Tea, a brand of 3 Mountains, LLC. While the packaging struck our eye, the mission behind the brand struck our hearts. The mission: to end the cycle of generational trauma and related physical, social, and emotional dysfunction including addiction and substance abuse by providing resilience training to the most vulnerable people with a history of trauma. Sara Stender, CEO and founder of the non-profit, has overcome a battle that many people never recover from- PTSD. The mission of the organization is to train the people of Rwanda on how to meet their own basic needs, and ending the vicious, self-destructive cycles that they face on a daily-basis. The Rwandan Genocide sparked the passion that allowed Sara to overcome her own personal struggles, and elevated her ability to help others facing similar issues. With a degree in business management, French and Non-Profit Development, and specialization in cross-cultural training, leadership and change, and sustainable development, Sara is changing lives on a daily basis. While there are many people trying to make a difference in the world, Sara is succeeding in such a way that will impact generations of Rwanda citizens. If you would like to support Sara in her journey to rehabilitate the people of Rwanda, visit her website for more information on how to contribute.

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